Attain Enterprise Solutions Ltd has partnered with Microsoft to offer cloud-based solutions through Office 365. Microsoft office 365 is the best of everything we know about productivity all in a single public cloud service. It brings together all Microsoft solutions online and in an always up to date cloud service. Office 365 is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. Office 365 offers the following:

  • Ability to view Microsoft Office related documents such as Microsoft office, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Ability to share files, email and calendars, conferencing, file sharing, websites, office web apps mobility

Office 365 features are available on the following:

  • Windows phone
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • Blackberry (requires a subscription to Blackberry Business Class services)

The features available are:

  • Email sync
  • Calendar sync
  • Contacts sync
  • Access of documents in SharePoint
  • Watch a presentation over the internet with PowerPoint broadcast
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents can be accessed only on Windows and Symbian phones.
  • No Advertising: Office 365 does not build advertising products out of Customer Data. It does not scan emails or documents for building analytics, data mining, advertising, or improving the service.
  • No Mingling: Office 365 always allows you to keep your Customer Data separate from consumer services.
  • Data Portability: Office 365 Customer Data belongs to the customer. Customers can remove their data whenever they choose to.
  • Compliance with World Class Industry standards verified by 3rd parties
  • Excellence in cutting edge security practices such as secure development lifecycle, 5 layers of security, access restriction and proactive monitoring.

Public Sector Solutions

  • Risk Based Supervision / Regulatory Management Systems
  • County Management Systems
  • Revenue Management Solutions
  • Public Sector ERP  Systems

Financial Services Sector Solutions

  • SACCO Solutions
  • Microfinance Solutions
  • Loan Management Solutions
  • Underwriting solutions

More Solutions

  • Education Sector Solutions
  • Agriculture Sector Solutions
  • Health Sector Solutions
  • NGO Sector Solutions
  • Grant  Management Systems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions