SACCO Dynamics

Manage your SACCO better!

Looking to automate your SACCO processes? Then Microsoft SACCO Dynamicsfrom Attain is your solution.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, our integrated SACCO management solution will accelerate business growth by making efficient all your processes and reducing overall costs of running your business.

Microsoft SACCO Dynamics connects and integrates with all your existing business applications, simplifying your business management, helping your people focus on what’s important and makes work effective, efficient and fun. Further, we have standardised the reports on our systems to meet the SASRA requirements!

The main features of the system Include:

  • Front office (FOSA) module which contains: account views, data capture, interface for making applications, transaction viewing, and cheque management.
  • Back Office(BOSA) module which has: member applications, Loans applications and approvals
  • Budgeting module
  • Reporting module
  • Human resource management and payroll modules
  • General Ledger module
  • Inventory control module
  • Assets module


The Dynamic Pension Administration Solution

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PenInvest is a cost-effective complete Pension Administration that is flexible and customizable to the unique business needs. Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PenInvest not only will it automate your key processes, but will also integrate seamlessly with any other systems you might have while giving you a familiar user interface that is easy to use. Its flexibility enables it to comply with the RBA Act in Kenya and PENCOM in Nigeria. It is highly parameterized to meet other similar regulatory body requirements from the setup.

Risk Based Supervision System

The complete Risk Based Supervisory Solution

Our solution collects all your regulatory functions into one integrated system. Experience a comprehensive solution that identifies measures and controls risks through the risk management framework put in by regulators. Attain RBSS also offers breakthrough user experience that simplifies access to information, improves regulatory agility, streamlines integration, and enhances reporting and efficient help desk automation.

Human Resource Dynamics

Integrated Human Resource Management System

  • Have you outgrown your Excel spreadsheets?
  • Do you want all your HR data in one comprehensive system?
  • Does your payroll system no longer fulfill your HR tracking and reporting needs?
  • Are you in a large corporation but need a flexible database for tracking your own department’s employee data? 

Public Sector Solutions

  • Risk Based Supervision / Regulatory Management Systems
  • County Management Systems
  • Revenue Management Solutions
  • Public Sector ERP  Systems

Financial Services Sector Solutions

  • SACCO Solutions
  • Microfinance Solutions
  • Loan Management Solutions
  • Underwriting solutions

More Solutions

  • Education Sector Solutions
  • Agriculture Sector Solutions
  • Health Sector Solutions
  • NGO Sector Solutions
  • Grant  Management Systems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions