Integrated Human Resource Management System

  • Have you outgrown your Excel spreadsheets?
  • Do you want all your HR data in one comprehensive system?
  • Does your payroll system no longer fulfill your HR tracking and reporting needs?
  • Are you in a large corporation but need a flexible database for tracking your own department’s employee data? 

The need for an integrated HR & Payroll solution is more important now than ever due to ever changing legislation, advances in technology and the growing needs of organizations today. Throughout every aspect of employment, HR and Payroll departments rely on integrated data for accurate information, sharing of data between the departments, streamlining workflow and increases efficiency.

Microsoft Human Resource Dynamics provides a reliable, accurate, automated and technologically advanced payroll and human resource (HR) system. From recruitment to retirement, Microsoft Human Resource Dynamics not only allows you to save time and money, but it gives you tools to make strategic decision at every level of your organization.


  • Recruitment and Selection Mode capabilities
  • Employee Personal Information management
  • Training and Development management
  • Performance Management/ Appraisal
  • Succession planning
  • Job descriptions and specifications
  • Leave and attendance
  • Separation details management
  • Welfare issues
  • Communication management
  • Payroll manager
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Staff pension/claims/Benefits management
  • Staff-Insurance management capabilities
  • Assets management capabilities
  • Office accommodation management capabilities
  • Office security management capabilities

Public Sector Solutions

  • Risk Based Supervision / Regulatory Management Systems
  • County Management Systems
  • Revenue Management Solutions
  • Public Sector ERP  Systems

Financial Services Sector Solutions

  • SACCO Solutions
  • Microfinance Solutions
  • Loan Management Solutions
  • Underwriting solutions

More Solutions

  • Education Sector Solutions
  • Agriculture Sector Solutions
  • Health Sector Solutions
  • NGO Sector Solutions
  • Grant  Management Systems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions