The complete Risk Based Supervisory Solution

Our solution collects all your regulatory functions into one integrated system. Experience a comprehensive solution that identifies measures and controls risks through the risk management framework put in by regulators. Attain RBSS also offers breakthrough user experience that simplifies access to information, improves regulatory agility, streamlines integration, and enhances reporting and efficient help desk automation.


Key Benefits

  • Effective compliance to regulatory rules and regulations

Fast secure online and mobile payments, effective collection of levies, notifications, automated calculation of risks, notifications for renewals, supervision, and submission of reports ensures the industry players are constantly informed.

  • Improved customer satisfaction and service

Personalized quality service, easy accessibility both online and mobile access, Complaints handling ensuring all your issues are handled by the correct persons while receiving progress. Registration, licensing and collection of certificates are done online.

  • Helps people work faster and better

Faster approval processes, improved workflows and document management, enhanced collaboration and centralized feedback within the authority. Employees can also access the system on smart phones, tablets and IPads.

  • Bird's view of industry operations

Intelligent dashboards enable the Authority to gain greater control of its performance therefore assisting in decision making.

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