Manage your SACCO better!

Looking to automate your SACCO processes? Then Microsoft SACCO Dynamicsfrom Attain is your solution.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, our integrated SACCO management solution will accelerate business growth by making efficient all your processes and reducing overall costs of running your business.

Microsoft SACCO Dynamics connects and integrates with all your existing business applications, simplifying your business management, helping your people focus on what’s important and makes work effective, efficient and fun. Further, we have standardised the reports on our systems to meet the SASRA requirements!

The main features of the system Include:

  • Front office (FOSA) module which contains: account views, data capture, interface for making applications, transaction viewing, and cheque management.
  • Back Office(BOSA) module which has: member applications, Loans applications and approvals
  • Budgeting module
  • Reporting module
  • Human resource management and payroll modules
  • General Ledger module
  • Inventory control module
  • Assets module

What you are looking for!

  • An online centralized, distributed and networked-with both (LAN and WAN) capabilities / client-server based networked system.
  • A system that has both real-time and online batch capabilities.
  • A system with the ability that data input once is accessible globally (within the system and with Access rights levels)
  • A system that’s user friendly, Menu driven, user definable, extensive parameter driven and field level help features.
  • A system with an extensive use of parameters and tables to ensure that the system is flexible to enable the SACCO accommodate changes in the market so as to take advantages in the opportunities by introducing new loan services and products.
  • A system that has a front end workflow module with a signature verification facility.
  • A system that has adequate data entry security controls- validation, check digit, etc.
  • A system that has multi-currency abilities.

Public Sector Solutions

  • Risk Based Supervision / Regulatory Management Systems
  • County Management Systems
  • Revenue Management Solutions
  • Public Sector ERP  Systems

Financial Services Sector Solutions

  • SACCO Solutions
  • Microfinance Solutions
  • Loan Management Solutions
  • Underwriting solutions

More Solutions

  • Education Sector Solutions
  • Agriculture Sector Solutions
  • Health Sector Solutions
  • NGO Sector Solutions
  • Grant  Management Systems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions